What do food traders have to say about food waste?

Posted on November 25th 2015

Over the 2015 festival season we received an enormous amount of help and encouragement from festival organisers, our volunteers, the general public and most importantly the food traders. We couldn’t have achieved what we did without them. As the summer rolled on we began to develop a relationship with certain traders who we encountered again and again. We discovered that – as we hoped – they cared about  food waste and were more than eager to help wherever they could.

With the help of our photographer friend Jenny Hardy, we decided to document what they thought of this issue alongside images of some of the food that they gave to us.

B.O.B lobster

Bobs Lobsters

” It’s the nature of these events and there are always leftovers. If there is a need or a way to help we will.”

The soup library

The Soup Library on food waste

” I think it’s terrible that there is too much waste at festivals. We are good with waste and always re-use, unless it’s end of season. Anything to help with this is welcomed.”

Bleecker st burgers

Bleecker st Burger on food waste

“It’s sad, it’s unnecessary! With Eighthplate collecting while we are scratching down makes it so easy and helpful.”

The fabulous fish finger company

Fabulous Fish Fingers company on food waste

” I don’t like food waste, we always try and find places for it to go. I’m very happy that Eighthplate are taking it.”

The good and proper tea company

Good and Proper Tea Co on food waste

“We have to over order, it’s wonderful that there is a place for it. Please continue.”

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the food traders who supported and encouraged us this summer, and most importantly thank you for all the food you gave us. It was given to over 2000 organisations, and fed a lot of people who are experiencing food poverty. We look forward to working with you all again very soon.