Pot Noodles and Partying, the problem with campsite food waste.

Posted on January 14th 2016


We all know festival campsites create a lot of waste. Tents, chairs, baby wipes and endless cans of lager are a familiar sight but the amount of food in the mix is usually overlooked.

In 2015 we collected over three tonnes of food waste from campsites at Glastonbury. That’s a lot of pot noodles and flavoured couscous. All of this food is perfect for food banks as it is easily stored and has a long shelf life, meaning it fills in the gaps where fresh food is scarce.

So if we can get three tonnes from Glastonbury Festival alone then how much is out there? That’s what we’re hoping to find out this year. Having successfully produced the first figures on festival trader waste in 2015 ( EighthPlate 2015 report ) we’re turning our attention to seeing just how much is left behind by campers.

We’ll be out and about in campsites asking people what they have bought with them, how much of it they’ve eaten and logging how many times they’ve been overcome by the desire to munch a huge tasty burger rather than settle for rehydrated noodles. So if you see us, please come say hi!

The results will be published in a Festival Campsite Waste report at the end of 2016.

So in the meantime what can you do to help?

First of all, you can bring less food. Plan your meals day by day rather than throwing piles of food in a trolley on your way to the festival.

Be realistic, if you’re partial to the culinary delights a festival has to offer, take this into consideration when buying your campsite food.

If it looks like you might have too much, share it! There will always be a very grateful hungry mouth somewhere in the campsite.

Look out for our food waste bins, we will be asking people to donate any edible leftovers they have at the end of a festival.

Lastly, if you can’t see any of our bins, take your food home. If you carried all it out there you can carry half of it back. It will still be edible on another day!

Keep your eyes peeled for our quick and healthy campsite recipes over the summer, we’re experts at eating cheaply in a field!