Greedy Pigs! Feeding livestock with foodwaste

Posted on January 14th 2016

Here at EighthPlate we are pretty strict on our food hygiene, we won’t just take any old food and this means in 2015 we did have to turn a good portion of wasted food away. But why should this go to compost? According the food waste hierarchy the next best thing is to feed it to livestock.

food waste hierarchy Vision 2020 Food waste Hierarchy

So the question is, what’s the deal with feeding food waste to pigs these days? In the good old days before foot and mouth all the leftovers would go into the pigs bowl and they would munch the lot. Now we know we have to be more careful but we shouldn’t let that scare us off altogether.

It’s not as hard as you think and is hugely beneficial to UK pig farmers.

“UK pig farmers are being put out of business by expensive grain prices, when they have a ready-made food source for their livestock in the form of food waste.” The Pig Idea

So what do you need to know before you start approaching farmers?

It is illegal to provide food that has been through a commercial or domestic kitchen, So plate scrapings and peelings are out but that pallet of lettuces that you never needed are in.

Stale bread and non meat bakery products have the green light. As this makes up the majority of the food we have to turn away this is hugely beneficial to us.

Fruit and vegetables are great as is milk and dairy products. Pigs love milk and is a good binding agent to help all the stale bread go down!

Meat, fish or anything containing or contaminated by these products are an absolute no.

These are guidelines to get you thinking, have a look here for more information on the specifics. If in doubt keep the ingredients list and ask the farmer, they should know.

So in 2016 EighthPlate will be collecting not only for people but for pigs too. Keep an eye out for our 2016 end of year report to see how it goes!